Moving away from UniFi

February 24, 2021 at 9:39 pm Leave a comment

I moved toward UniFi in a big way last year. I bought a UDM Pro, two Nano HD access points, and three (eventually buying a fourth) Flex Mini switches. The Flex Mini seemed like a very good buy, $29 for a 5 port managed ethernet switch. My home network was such that switches were daisy chained together, so this small managed gig switch seemed like a good fit.

I think part of me wanted an all-in-one solution, and UniFi delivers that. It’s nice to be able to run enterprise auth for Wifi without needing a separate authentication server, for example. The single view for all your devices is very, very nice.

But, as time went on, I discovered that everything isn’t as rosy as it first appears.

I had been having something of a bit of a performance issue, and ran across something that was a fairly major issue with the UDM Pro… The 8 LAN ports on it? Apparently, they share a 1 gig switching fabric. For eight gig ports. Why would they put out a “Pro” level device, meant for businesses and pro-sumers with such a glaring flaw?

I’ve seen pictures of other peoples gear, where they ran a single cable from one of those ports (or from the 10G LAN interface) to another switch, leaving the rest empty. Why have a device like a UDM Pro if one of the main “features” of it is so hobbled that the fix is to basically not use that feature?

So, do I have anything else good thing to say about UniFi? Absolutely. Their gear held value pretty well over the approximately 7 months I owned it. I shipped the UDM Pro out to that buyer today, and, so far, I’m much happier with my new network.

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