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My Tesla Ordering Experience

I’ve wanted a Tesla for years.  The Model S has been arguably the best looking EV since they started producing them.  I still can’t afford one, but I think I can afford a Model 3, now that the Standard Range ($35,000) version is finally out.

Since the Federal rebate on Telsa vehicles halved on Jan 1, and it is set to halve again soon, and they’ve recently released these new, lower cost versions, I realized that now may be about my best time to get one.  So, last Monday, I ordered a Standard range Model 3.  The expected delivery date was 6 – 8 weeks.

Since my order, I’ve learned that the SR and the SR Plus versions do not include floor mats.  Fortunately, they can be purchased on Tesla’s website for a bit over $100 after tax.  They also have a nice looking all weather frunk mat for about $70 before tax.

Another thing that did bother me about the interior of the SR was that it didn’t appear to include covers for the storage section (in front of the cup holders).  I looked for 3rd party products to fill that gap, but didn’t find any.  So, I looked on eBay, and found the center console section (perhaps taken from a wrecked Model 3?) for sale.  The entire section (including the armrest) was listed for a little under $1000 in at least one entry, and a separate listing for the front section was over $300.  If I were very handy (or maybe just more confident in my automotive abilities), that would have been a viable option.  Additionally, I like the look of the phone holder that doesn’t come with the SR.

The SR Plus also is a bit faster than the SR, though that doesn’t matter much to me.  The additional 20 miles of range is a bit more cushion for trips, which would be useful.

The power drivers seat on the SR Plus and the “vegan” leather seats would just be a bonus, as a manual cloth covered seat would have been fine as far as I’m concerned.

Ultimately, on the Friday after I ordered, I called and changed my order to a SR Plus.  I did make another change to my order, to drop the cost a bit, to make up for going to the SR Plus.

After the order was registered in their system, my estimated delivery was changed to 2 – 4 weeks.

Late on Friday evening, I took another look at my Model 3 page, and found that a VIN number had been assigned, as well as a delivery date…. Monday!

So, I ordered on a Monday, and after changing the order on a Friday, my car will be on Monday around noon.

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