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Switching to nYNAB – Web edition

In the past, I’ve been somewhat outspoken in my dislike for changes made from YNAB4 to nYNAB.  It’s now had a year to improve…

I probably made too much of some of the issues with it, though there were two main issues that kept bothering me:

  1. Scheduled transactions don’t take effect until the scheduled date hits, and there’s no way to “force” them to take effect earlier, other than pre-dating them.  This means your category balance will show more than is truly available (since you’ve effectively spent some of that money), and your account balances will not show your planned activity.
  2. The Red Arrow to the Right – to push negative category balances to the future.

For #1…  Well, this still bothers me.  I really do wish there way some way to mark a “scheduled” transaction as if it had already passed, other than pre-dating it.  I think some people have basically said to treat it like a check…  You generally write those out and mail them, but date them when you write them.  I don’t particularly like that, but it works.

As for #2…  The Red Arrow was a tool I used readily.  As it turns out, I think I used it far too much.  One recent month had 11 categories pushing negative balances forward.  I do think that not having that easy ability will actually be a good thing for me, in terms of budgeting.  The money will need to come from somewhere, forcing me to make decisions that I’ve pushed off in the past.

One other issue that I think I first thought would be a bad thing is the single month view, versus the previous multi-month view.  But now that I’ve really been using it for a bit, I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal.

Anyhow, I’m really trying to switch this time.

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