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Sous Vide – Scallops and Chicken

Today, I went to a seafood market near the ocean and got about a pound of sea scallops.  Since this seemed a little on the light side, I also got a pair of chicken breasts out so we could have a combination dinner.

Before I started the proteins, I got carrots working again.  These carrots were somewhat thick, so I cut them in half to cut back on the thickness.  After cooking them, I ran into a sorta strange behavior on my Anova.  I ended up unplugging it, removing it from the water, and waiting about 20 minutes or so, I guess…  Then I tried it again, and it seemed to clear up the strangeness.  The carrots went into the fridge, as there was a lot of time left until they were needed.

I cooked my Chicken at 150 for probably a little over an hour, then removed that, lowered the temp to to 124, added back in the carrots (to warm them) and the scallops.

Somewhere in here, my daughter made a nice lemon sauce, and I started a pot of rice.

While the scallops were in the water bath, I seared the chicken and when the 30 minutes was up, got the scallops out of the water, dried them with paper towels, put a bit of butter in my skillet and seared the scallops.

As for the verdict…  The carrots seemed a bit less done than last time.  Perhaps it was the thickness.  Both the scallops and the chicken were good.  Previously, I think my chicken was a bit on the dry side, which seems odd since it was mostly cooked in water, but anyhow…

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Sous Vide – Steak

Last Friday I made my first Sous Vide steaks.  They were flat iron steaks.  I set the Anova for 140 (or perhaps 130) degrees, and left them in the water for about 40 minutes.  After taking them out and searing one, I ended up with a pool of blood around it shortly after.  Cutting into one, I saw they were not cooked as much as I would have liked.  I finished searing them and popped them in an oven for about another 15-20 minutes.  Afterward, they were pretty much how I wanted them.  I think I should have left them in the water bath for a bit longer.  Ah well, live and learn.

Aside from that, I made some corn – good as usual.

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Sous Vide – Salmon and Corn

For tonight, I decided to go with two sous vide items…  Ok, these are items that probably don’t normally go together, but hey – I wanted to try them…

The corn was shucked, washed, and placed into sous vide bags with about a TBSP of butter, 2 ears to a bag.  Note to self – in the future, add some silverware to the bag to weigh it down.

Bringing an entire Cambro container up to 183 degrees took quite a long time.  Once it made it there, I had trouble with the bags of corn floating.  I think I gave it about 35 minutes.

So, for the Salmon, I went with a brine for a half hour or so, then rinsed them, I think I patted them dry with paper towels, then dropped them into zip lock bags with some olive oil and let them chill in the fridge for a while.  I got the temperature back down to about 130 degrees, then put them in for about 35 minutes.

Aside from this, I made rice and a sweet sauce.

This was probably my most successful sous vide dinner so far.  The corn was very flavorful, firm, crisp, and sweet.  Not crisp as in raw.  It was some very, very good corn.  The salmon was good too, though the texture was different.  It was probably softer than any salmon that I’d ever had that was cooked at home.

Overall, a very successful dish.

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