Wifi woes

July 20, 2016 at 7:14 pm Leave a comment

I switched a few months ago to an AC router that’s sort of pro-sumer grade.  It was actually one I got on kickstarter that I was really excited about, as it dealt with home automation as well.  When I got it, I tried to use it, but it did not work very well.  After perhaps a year, I found that it was fairly usable.  I get decent coverage almost everywhere in the house.  Almost.  Also, sometimes my wife’s iPad has trouble (while I, a few feet away with my iPhone, don’t)…  The other day I ended up rebooted the router to get everything to recover, as my iPhone wasn’t working on wifi either.

Anyhow, a few months ago, I pre-ordered a Luma system to resolve my Wifi woes.  Around mid-May I believe, I got an email from Amazon saying my Luma would arrive by 7-20.  I’ve been watching the last few weeks with interest, but was very unhappy to find that it still had not shipped on Monday… Or Tuesday.  Today, I got an email from Amazon basically saying they don’t know when it will ship.  The word on Luma’s Facebook page is that Amazon pre-orders should be delivered by 8-26.

I’m guessing someone at Luma messed up, or perhaps the problem is Best Buy.  Back in June, I think, Luma announced that Best Buy would be selling their product in-store.   So, they are diverting some stock (they say 5%) which would otherwise be going to fulfill pre-orders to Best Buy.  I’m not so sure I believe them.

Today, I decided to vote with my wallet.  I cancelled my Luma pre-order, and ordered an Eero instead.  Yes, I’m paying a significant premium over the Luma, but it will be here tomorrow.  I know, I could have ordered a Luma from Best Buy, or possibly walked into a store and found one.  But…

From some reading I’ve done, the Luma doesn’t quite live up to their advertising.  It seems like the features aren’t all there as shown in their introductory video.  Will it get there?

Probably, eventually.  I imagine it will be months of growing pains, waiting for new firmware and such to be released to get everything fixed, and the missing features in place.  I’ve grown tired of that (with the other unnamed router I talk about in paragraph 3, above).

I was giving them a chance, waiting since the end of April for this product.  But the shipping date was missed, and Amazon isn’t saying when it would ship…   Social media says it’s over a month away.

I’m moving on to a more mature product, one that probably won’t give me trouble right out of the box.



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