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Get Enterprise Wireless security at home for free!

A week or so ago, I had a bit of a scare with my NAS. In addition to storing my files, my Synology NAS also serves as a radius server for my wireless network.

So, while I was trying to fix my NAS, my wireless network was basically down. When it looked like my NAS wasn’t going to be back in operation for a few days/weeks, I started looking around very quickly for a hosted radius solution and found a great looking free option for a home user with a single AP.

It’s a pretty basic web interface, but it provides all you need. Sign up for the free level of service, add a network, configure your AP to point to the provided radius server using the random radius secret they provide. Try to connect with a device (it won’t yet, but that will register your AP with them). Next, approve your AP, then add your users in their web interface. After that, just connect to it with your wireless devices. For IOS devices (probably other device also), you’ll be prompted to accept their certificate, and asked for your username and password (which you set up in the interface).

It’s possible I left out a step or two, but it really was very, very easy to get running. I did have issues using the admin web interface with Safari, but using Chrome it worked fine.

If all goes as well as it did for me, you’ll have your devices up and running in minutes and you can sleep secure in the knowledge that you are protecting your wireless network with much better security than using the simple PSK method 99%+ of home users are using. (Ok, I made that stat up, but it’s probably pretty close)

Oh, if you are wondering, my NAS came back to life. I’ve still not switched back from IronWifi though.

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