Best Cell Carrier coverage in the SouthEast US

September 18, 2015 at 9:37 pm Leave a comment

Where I work, we wanted to put in LTE backup at all of our retail locations to handle communications in the event that our T1 circuit fails.  There are around 800 locations stretching from Louisiana, south to Key West, all the way to North Carolina.  We have relationships with the big three carriers, so we build survey boxes housing three CradlePoint cellular broadband adapters, one configured for each of the carriers, then took them around to our locations and ran a battery of Netperf tests to get real results for each location which were logged into a database.

Armed with that database of over 7000 test results, we selected the best carrier at each location by looking at the raw data.  My general criteria?  Look for the carrier with the best SINR (Signal to Interference + Noise Ratio), along with the best speed.  We are less concerned with cost, since they are all under $30 a month for our limited, pooled data plan.  Our goal is that we have a reliable backup that is at least as fast as the T1 circuit it would be “covering for” in the event of a T1 outage.  Most T1 outages would be measured in hours, so it needs to be available when we need it, first and foremost.  That said, we want better than 1.5 Mbps in both directions so that it can be a true T1 backup.  Looking at the data and making the selection was sometimes difficult, but we made our best guess in those cases.

I only have the actual numbers for the first 155 locations we have installed, which break down as follows:

AT&T was selected 50.9% of the time.
Verizon was selected 30.9% of the time.
Sprint was selected just over 18% of the time.

From the numbers I have seen (in passing), this pattern is pretty representative of the overall totals.

Now, I’m not much of an AT&T fan, but this is pretty impressive.



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