Palo Alto 6.1.0 released

October 28, 2014 at 11:06 pm Leave a comment

A few days ago, Palo Alo released version 6.1.0 of their firewall software.  This evening, I loaded it onto my PA-200 and did a bit of looking around.  There are a lot of small changes, and apparently, some bug fixes.  I had a decryption issue with 6.0.5-h3, but it’s disappeared with this update.  I still can’t get dropbox to work while decrypting traffic, though (so it’s in my Decrypt-exclude policy).

While I’m not the most familiar person with PA firewalls, having only just started using them recently, I could still pick out some things that were different from the version I have been running for a week.

It appears that there is a little more info exposed in the logs.  Perhaps these columns were there before, but I don’t recall seeing Session End Reason or Byte counts for each log entry.

App Scope seems to have new graphs that look very snazzy.

On the Security Policy screen, there are now two new rules that are Read Only.  One is intrazone-default and the other is interzone-default.  When adding new rules, there is a new Rule Type dropdown that lets you select Universal (default), intrazone, or interzone.  Haven’t read up on this, but it appears that you’ll be able to add rules to affect behavior between members in the same zone…  Not really sure what interzone buys you, as I’d think that would be the old behavior.

Under DHCP, there’s now an “Ippool Subnet” field… I think that’s new also.  If it’s not new, mine were blank….

Under GlobalProtect Portals, they have adopted a slightly different view that lets you expand a Plus sign to see more info.  The Gateway screen doesn’t adopt this new change, oddly enough.

I’m sure there are many more differences…  Hopefully, good ones!


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