AT&T shows their true colors

October 24, 2014 at 11:13 pm Leave a comment

The Apple SIM (shipping in every LTE enabled iPad Air 2) sounded like a great idea.  Pick the carrier you want for a month or two, then switch to another one, depending on your needs.

Today, however, I found out that AT&T is LOCKING the Apple SIM when you choose to use them!

This doesn’t lock your iPad, but it makes it more difficult to switch to another carrier.   You can do it, but it’s a hassle of having to get another Apple SIM (or a SIM from the desired carrier).  That sort of defeats the purpose of this generic SIM that Apple introduced.

According to the linked article above:

AT&T did not explain why it opted to lock the SIM card to its network, however, with the spokesperson saying “it’s just simply the way we’ve chosen to do it.”

Wow.  That seems to indicate that they didn’t have any technical reason to do it this way.  It’s just how they have chosen to do it.

Basically, they are saying “We didn’t HAVE to make it a hassle to switch service to a competitor.  We just wanted to.”

AT&T will probably get a few people to keep using them month after month with this tactic, but I imagine many more will simply choose to use one of their competitors that doesn’t use this anti-consumer practice.




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