Ruckus Redux

January 18, 2014 at 12:06 am Leave a comment

I posted a few items about an old Ruckus AP that I started using a few months ago.

After running version 9.6 something for a week or so, I had a few lock-ups, requiring reboots of the AP.  I back-leveled to, and ran that way for several months.  Tonight, I had an unusual interruption in my Wifi, so I rebooted the Ruckus and all began working again…

That got me to wondering if there was anything new afoot for this old AP.  Yea, it was EOL’ed, but one can dream right?

Well, I checked their website and there is a new build of firmware for this old device.  The new version is


So, let me get this straight.  A 6 year old AP.  End-Of-Life announcement comes out.  Time passes, and a new version of firmware is put out…

No, not just a bug-fix 9.6.yada.yada version, but the next higher up minor version number…  This company continues to impress me.

I’ll watch this version for a while and see if I run into the problems requiring a reboot occasionally… Hopefully, they’ve fixed whatever bug caused that issue, as it happened every few days and was somewhat annoying…

Edited on 01/24/2014 to add: I back-leveled to again.  After a couple of days, it was unstable.  Seems to be solid on this old version though.


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