Diagnose Your Spending Addiction

September 4, 2013 at 7:22 pm Leave a comment

Are you a Spending Addict?

The first step to recovery is realizing you have a problem.

Does this describe you?

You don’t budget because you think you make enough money that you shouldn’t need to budget.
Several times a month you go out to eat, on a whim.
While shopping at department/discount stores if you spot something you like, you just buy it.
While surfing online, you spot something cool and order it without much thought.

Read each of the below questions slowly, really think about your answer and be completely honest with yourself.

Do you avoid tracking how much consumer debt you have (all credit cards and personal loans)?
Do you avoid logging into your credit card accounts to track your spending throughout the month?
Do you semi-consciously avoid tracking your spending, so that you can keep spending without guilt?

I believe a lot of people have trouble controlling their spending because they purposely keep themselves in the dark.  This way, when it is time to make a spending decision, since they don’t KNOW how bad things are, it’s easier to give themselves permission to make that purchase.  If you do this, you are withholding vital information from yourself, information that could help you make better financial decisions.

Think about it.  Does the above sound hauntingly familiar?

Ok, I admit it, I’m a Spending Addict, Help!

If you see most of the above in yourself, you might be a Spending Addict.

Once you have realized that you have a probem, you can take steps to remedy it.

My prescription for Spending Addicts is to proceed to www.youneedabudget.com/method to get re-educated.  That website contains valuable free information about the YNAB (YouNeedABudget) method of budgeting.  Yes, YNAB is a software program, but their method for budgeting is something you could use without buying their software, though I highly recommend it.

You can even get started with their software with a free 34 day trial.  If you try their software, I highly suggest watching the video tutorials to get a feel for starting out.

They even have free on-line classes (click here to sign up) several times a week.  (Who else in the land of consumer finance does this?)  You don’t even have to be a customer to attend the classes.

If you do decide to buy YNAB, you can save $6 off the purchase price by using my refer-a-friend link.

Why did you write this article?

I know the symptoms of Spending Addiction so well because I practiced them myself.

I am so excited by the way in which my life has changed by using YNAB that I want to spread the message, so more and more people can feel what I feel.


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