My DIY Fusion drive under 10.8.3

April 5, 2013 at 9:38 pm Leave a comment

I finally installed 10.8.3 tonight after ensuring that my SuperDuper clone was up-to-date.  I’ve been avoiding it a little, just in case there are issues with my DIY Fusion drive.

The upgrade went smoothly, and soon I was sitting back at my normal login screen.

After the install, I checked things out, relative to my DIY Fusion drive.  To refresh everyone’s memory, I have the 500 GB Toshiba HD that came with my 2011 Mac mini, “fused” with a 128 GB Crucial M4 SSD.

The Storage tab under “About This Mac” recognizes it as a 628 GB “Fusion Drive”.  That’s a good start…

Disk Utility shows my Fusion drive as a Logical Volume Group.  It shows the capacity as 626.94 GB, with 621.51 GB used and 5.43 GB free.  Below that in the Disk Utility window is the actual partition that my files reside on, which shows a capacity of 614.48 GB, with 352.78 GB used.  These numbers are in agreement with the “About This Mac” numbers.  This looks pretty good too.

Interestingly, if I go to the Partition tab when my Logical Volume Group is selected, it shows one partition of 499.25 GB…  Which looks to me like numbers related to the actual size of my Mini’s hard drive.  This doesn’t look like I would have expected.

Next, I took a closer look at System Information.  There I noticed that TRIM wasn’t enabled, so I ran Trim Enabler and turned it on.  After a reboot, Trim Enabler reports that it’s working, so I guess that’s one thing I’ll probably have to do every time there’s an OS update.

Overall, it looks like things are pretty safe in this release, but everything still doesn’t line up 100%.  I imagine that by the time I’m in the market for a replacement Mac (2014?  2015?), the mid-level Mini will probably come with SSDs standard, so I probably won’t need to “roll my own” Fusion drive again… But you never know!


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