And the Reaver comes for you…r wirless network

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Reaver is the name of a tool that has recently become quite popular.  It allows for the cracking of WPA and WPA2 passwords for access points/routers that support WPS.   WPS stands for Wi-fi Protected Setup and is supported by a large number of wireless routers made by the most popular consumer brands:  Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, and many more.  This feature is essentially a very easy way to setup your devices on your wireless network.  If your wireless router has a button to depress to let you set up devices quickly and easily, then you’ve got WPS.

The downside?  At present, WPS can’t really be turned off on the majority of routers, and on some that do offer to to let you disable it, it doesn’t really turn it off!

So along comes this new tool, Reaver, which can use a flaw in WPS to crack the WPA/WPA2 passwords of most consumer grade wireless routers.  It may take a few hours, to perhaps a day, but if you have WPS on your router, Reaver can most likely crack it.  And if someone was looking to do something seriously illegal (like hack the FBI, or download child porn), what’s a day waiting around to make sure they it would trace back to YOU instead of them?

The good news is if your model of router supports the popular DD-WRT firmware, you can just load that and you don’t have to worry about anyone cracking your password, as it doesn’t support WPS at all.

But, perhaps if you are going to make a change, you should look at the possibility of upgrading to an Enterprise Authentication mechanism…  I just so happen to have a very good tutorial on how to set up OpenWRT right here.

That tutorial is for a specific model, but similar models would probably be nearly identical (once you download the right version of OpenWRT firmware for your device), and different makes would most likely only differ by the interfaces…


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