NAS move almost complete

October 16, 2012 at 11:03 pm Leave a comment

Between last night and tonight, I’ve moved all the real data (other than Time Machine backups) off of my ReadyNAS and onto my DS1512+.

Initially, I started my DS1512+ with three 750 GB drives, giving me about 1.3 TB of redundant capacity.  My initial copy with 800 GB.  Then I started moving things over in smaller chunks.  I had about 300 GB left when I added a WD RED 1 TB drive, bringing me up to about 2 TB of redundant capacity.

One thing I thought MIGHT be challenging was moving the SageTV Recordings directory.  This has occasionally been tricky for me in the past, but this time it was just so easy.  I simply added the “final” location on the DS1512+ as a Recording directory within SageTV, then shut it down and moved a few recording files over.  Note: MOVED,  not just copied.  I restarted SageTV to find that those recordings were found in their new location and could be watched.  So, I shut SageTV down again and moved the rest of the files over, then started it back.  My HD200 didn’t see the SageTV server right away (it was probably busy scanning for the moved content), but after a minute or two, it came to life, and it appeared that all the recordings I moved over were still there.  Finally, I removed the ReadyNAS as a Recording location in SageTV, then restarted SageTV again (to ensure that setting was saved off – probably not needed, but just making sure).

The rest of the moves went easily, and all but about 258 GB of my storage was used.  I then removed one of the 2 TB drives from the ReadyNAS, formatted it with my USB drive, and popped it into the DS.  If my calculations are right, this should boost me to about 3.2 TB of redundant storage.  After everything is “good” again, I’ll get Time Machine set up and running from my various machines…  Once they are all backed up to the DS, I can remove the other two drives from the ReadyNAS and (one at a time, of course) swap out two of the 750 GB drives.  When everything is done, I should have 5.7 TB of redundant storage.


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