Synology DS1512+ Memory Upgrade

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Why upgrade the Memory on a DS1512+?  Well, it only comes with 1 GB of RAM.  And they have all those packages that you can install.  It may be that if you aren’t taking advantage of any of those packages, that 1 GB of RAM may be plenty for the DS1512+.  But, I’m a big believer in “more is better”, so here we go…

Prior to my DS1512+ arriving, I did a bit of research on the type of RAM it uses.

The Synology people don’t seem to want to put the actual specs of the memory you need to upgrade out, perhaps preferring you to buy it from them..  However, they are nice enough to allow people to talk about it in the forums and to let those end users update their Wiki with user reported compatible memory modules.

Anyhow, while reading some of the forum posts, I ran across one that was extremely specific about what was required to work in a DS1512+.  According to this poster, it needed to be 2GB 1Rx8 PC3 – 10600S-09-11-B2.  That seemed oddly specific.  I had just upgraded some of my Macs, which use SODIMMs, so I decided to look through my cast-off modules.  The most recently pulled memory was a Hynix 2Rx16 (which the poster explicitly stated wouldn’t work – it has to be 1Rx8).  As luck would have it, I ran across another pair of Samsung memory modules with EXACTLY the prescribed inscription upon them.   I believe they were pulled from a 2011 Mac Mini, as I upgraded from the default 4 GB of RAM soon after purchasing it.

Anyhow, the advice on the forum is to install your memory and then run a memory test.  Seeing how this device is made to ensure the data integrity of terabytes of data, making sure you have a memory module that “plays well” sounds like a great idea.  Unfortunately, the instructions on how to perform the test wasn’t clear, so I’ll outline it here:

In the Synology Assistant tool, highlight your NAS, then hit the small Gear icon in the upper right of the window.  Check the memory test option.  That will cause a new “Memory Test” button to show up on the Management tab.  If it is grayed out (while you have your NAS highlighted), reboot the NAS via DSM, then try again (I had to do this, though I didn’t see it posted anywhere).  If it’s not grayed out, just hit it.

It will pop up a window telling you that it will reboot the NAS to do a memory test and it will be unavailable until the test is complete.  After the initial reboot, the Synology Assistant tool will let you monitor the test (in the Status column, with a percentage of completion).

I read reports of the memory test taking about 2 hours.  That may seem like a significant amount of time to have your NAS down, but I highly recommend it, just to be certain the memory you have installed doesn’t cause any issues down the line.  Remember, these NAS devices are SOFTWARE RAID, not Hardware.

As I sit here and write this up, I’m about 25% through my memory test, and it probably has been 20 minutes… So, it probably won’t quite take 2 hours.  Good luck!


My memory test is done…  My results are:

> cat /var/log/memtester.log

Looks like my memory is a match!


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