My Synology DS1512+ Ordeal

October 15, 2012 at 6:49 pm Leave a comment

A brand new Synology DS1512+ NAS arrived today.  This is my story.  Perhaps it will  be of help to someone else.

Having a set of three Western Digital RE3 750 GB drives that were pulled out of my ReadyNAS Pro over a year ago at hand, I set off to work.  I mounted the drives in the caddys, populated them in the NAS, attached it to the network and booted it up.  I loaded the Assistant tool on my Mac to start the installation process.

It couldn’t find my new DS1512+.

A bit of research suggested a firewall issue.  Nope.. My firewall was turned off.  I decided to try running the tool under Windows 7.  It too couldn’t find my system.

A bit more research suggested booting up with no drives, so I tried it.  What do you know?  It worked!  I saw my new NAS.

I figured perhaps I needed to go through the install process, so I picked out a static IP, and started through the installation screens.  It said DSM wasn’t installed, so I downloaded the latest for my unit, and pointed it to the file.  It then complained that I didn’t have any disks installed.  So, I tried installing 1 disk.  Suddenly, it couldn’t see the NAS anymore.

I pulled the disks and rebooted the NAS.  I could see it again.  I inserted a different disk (same model, though).  BAM!  It was not on the network anymore.

I repeated this process with the last disk.  Same thing.

I had a 1 TB WD RED drive that was being used in an external USB enclosure, so I figured I’d try it.  Booted up, made sure the NAS was on the network, then inserted the RED drive.  It lives!

That got me to thinking…  Was the RE3 750 GB not compatible?  I checked Synology’s website and it was listed as compatible…

A bit of thought lead me to take one of the RE3s and place it into my USB enclosure.  It showed up on my Mac as having three partitions.  I repartitioned it a single partition and formatted it…  Then inserted it into my NAS.  Low and behold, it worked!  I powered everything down, repeated the format process on my other two RE3 drives, and was able to successfully boot up with only those three drives in the NAS.

I did not expect that having previously used the drives in another brand of NAS that it would have been any issue…

Ah well.. Hopefully everything else goes nice and smooth.


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