NetFlix Watch Instantly on IOS via GlimmerBlocker

January 20, 2011 at 8:47 pm Leave a comment

I recently posted about the possibility of watching NetFlix on an iPad via Proxy…  I like using GlimmerBlocker because it’s really good at blocking Ads, including Mobile Ad networks, but whenever I was using it on my wife’s iPad, it wouldn’t play any NetFlix videos.  I found out that the NetFlix app goes to, which resolves to….  So, when GlimmerBlocker is trying to connect to it, it’s trying to connect to itself, and it’s not running the IOS service listening for such connections, so it fails.  The kind author of GlimmerBlocker was able to help!  He put together a quick beta (1.4.10b7) that is hard coded to look for requests to, and if it is found, it redirects the requests back to the IP address that requested them.

It works perfectly with multiple iDevices…

A workaround for any proxy for use with one IOS device would be to simply set a hosts file entry on your proxy server for to point to the static IP of your iPad.


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