Drobo-FS Drive Upgrade

October 6, 2010 at 5:44 pm Leave a comment

Last night I bravely removed a 500 GB drive from my Drobo-FS and replaced it with a 1 TB drive I had just removed from another machine.  Before this, my Drobo-FS was home to three 1 TB drives, a 500 GB drive, and a 1.5 TB drive.  Altogether, this amounted to a little over 3 TB of redundant storage, and was using just about half of it.

Though it may not sound like that brave of an action, consider what actually happened:

1. A member of the RAID array was removed, taking the redundancy you get from a Drobo-FS away.
2. An empty, larger capacity drive replaced the missing drive.
3. The Drobo stabilized the data across all of the new drives, ensuring redundancy.
4. The Drobo expanded the capacity of the RAID array by 500 GB.

And it did all of the above while I could continously access all of my data.  My son was watching streaming videos stored on the Drobo, in fact, while this was happening.  There weren’t issues with dropped frames, or anything.  It was just smooth playback, as usual.

That is a significant feat in the personal storage world.


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