More Drobo-FS/ReadyNAS Love

October 5, 2010 at 8:27 pm Leave a comment

My Drobo-FS and ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer complement each other very well.  As I’ve mentioned in a recent post, the Drobo-FS is great for mass storage that grows as you need it (or as you find good sales), since you can put just about any SATA drive you find laying around in it, and it will work.  I’ve also recently mentioned that the ReadyNAS Pro is extremely fast, but requires drives that are more expensive, plus they have to be the same model, etc.

I’ve recently reconfigured my SageTV server to record TV shows across the network to my ReadyNAS Pro.  Since making this change, I’ve had multiple instances of two OTA HD shows recording at the same time.  When I watched them, they looked and sounded perfect.

For shows that I want to keep long term (like all the shows my kids watch), SageTV is set to automatically transcode them to a more storage friendly format (about 25% of the original size, or even smaller), with the resulting file automatically being placed on the Drobo-FS.

For shows that I just watch once and delete, I leave them in their original full size and resolution on the ReadyNAS Pro, since they’ll usually only be there for a few days.

As side effect of this distributed redundant storage, I now have the option to move my SageTV server into a very, very small box.  A Mac mini would be just about perfect.  If I decide to go home-built (what with the economy and all), it wouldn’t need anything more than built-in video, a reasonably fast dual core processor (for transcoding), a couple gigs of RAM, and something as small as a 30-40 GB hard drive for the OS and application.


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