Mac OS X, Flash Games, and non-admin accounts

November 7, 2009 at 7:12 pm Leave a comment

My kids like DinerDash, and pretty much the whole generation of flash-based games that have come along since DinerDash made a big splash.  Originally, they played it on a Windows machine, but we have since added a Mac to the stable of kid accessible machines.  I tried installing BookWorm Deluxe on the kids Mac for them to try out.  Unfortunately, it only ran under my account.  All of the kids have Managed accounts to take advantage of the parental controls in Mac OS.  Most recently, I tried YoudaSushiChef, but it behaved similar to the others.  This perplexed me, as I tried setting the permissions via the GUI, to no avail.

I searched the web, thinking that lots of others must be having the same issue, using either Managed accounts or Standard accounts, but I couldn’t find a peep about it anywhere on the Internet.

The support team at YoudaGames was very nice, but not terribly helpful, almost as if they don’t even test their game on Mac OS.  (With today’s development tools, it wouldn’t surprise me.)  After exchanging a few emails with them, they offered me a refund, but I wasn’t ready to give up yet.

Finally, today I was thinking about it, when it struck me…  The GUI only shows Ready and Write permissions, not Execute!

Anyhow, I opened a Terminal and did:

cd /Applications
sudo chmod -R 777

Then entered my password when prompted.

Finally, I tried launching it from one of the Kid’s accounts, and it started right up, working just like it should.  Same thing worked for BookWorm, so it will probably work for most any flash-based game on the Mac.


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