Upgrading a ReadyNAS Pro

August 19, 2009 at 11:04 pm Leave a comment

Back some time ago, I complained that I would need to upgrade all three of the Seagate 500 GB drives in my ReadyNAS Pro to expand my storage.  That’s not entirely true, as I could add more drives, but given the reliability of these drives, I thought it best not to. I had my eye on the 1 TB Western Digital RE3 drive.  At $159 each, though, that was an expensive proposition.  In checking around a bit, I found that Amazon had the 500 GB version of the RE3 for about $85, but was shocked to see the 750 GB version of the RE3 for about $93 each.  I ordered 3 with Amazon’s free shipping and they arrived today.  (I just checked and they are now $100.15 each)

I removed disk 1 and swapped it with a new RE3.  Within a few minutes. it was busy re-syncing with the new drive.   Almost exactly two hours later, it was done.

I gave it a few more minutes to be 100% sure it was done, then swapped out drive 2.  Same as the first, almost two hours exactly.

After this rebuild was complete, the ReadyNAS told me that it had found space that could be used to expand capacity and that it would perform an expansion during the next reboot.

The last disk swap went uneventfully.  The next afternoon, I rebooted the ReadyNAS and it automatically expanded the volume, giving me about another 500 GB of RAID protected storage.

So, while this was not as easy as expanding a Drobo, it definitely falls squarely in the “pretty easy” category.  Considering that it was my data at stake, I’m very glad this post is practically a non-issue sort of post…


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