Three weeks with Ooma

May 20, 2009 at 7:40 pm Leave a comment

After having Ooma now for a few weeks, I can say that I’m pretty impressed.  The majority of the time, the call quality is as good as (or better than) landline quality.  Since I use Google Voice, I don’t really use the voice mail that comes with Ooma so I can’t comment on that.  With my previous VoIP setup, I found that sometimes incoming calls were not making it.  (I knew this because Google Voice calls go to both my Cell and my VoIP line.)  With that VoIP setup, I also had many issues when I picked up the line to make an outgoing call.  I had dial tone and dialed, but the call never went through.  So far, Ooma has not had any of these kind of reliability problems.  Plus, it supports E911 (though I hope to never use it).

I have had issues with echos when I speak occasionally, I have had a few calls with spotty call quality, and there was one time where the incoming voice quality was very poor for about 2-3 minutes during a call (the overall call was over an hour, I think).

But, I’m not entirely convinced this is all Ooma’s fault.  Several years ago I got my first taste of VoIP with Vonage.  I started using Vonage with Comcast (a cable company), and later switched to DSL.  After the switch, the call quality on Vonage increased noticably.  As luck would have it, the special recently ended, so I’ve just put in an order for DSL service.  It should be active before the end of May, so I’ll probably update again about mid-June.


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Ooma Tame the IM Jungle

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