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I’ve been recently interested in encoding video files as H.264, so I’ve looked around a bit.  I previously read about the Elgato Turbo.264, and now they have a new unit… While reading a review of it, I saw comments from other readers talking about Badaboom.  You can get it at

Basically, it’s a program that uses the GPU in your nVidia video card to encode your video.  It costs $30, but there is a free trial that lets you run it against 30 files (or 30 days, whichever comes first).  This lets you ensure that it works with your card, and also lets you see the actual performance of it.

In my case, I encoded a large file with MPEG Streamclip on my Mac (2.26 Ghz Core 2 Duo).  As for settings, I went 640×480 (unscaled), with the default audio settings, no de-interlacing.  It performed consistently around 30 FPS.  Since I’m not much of a gamer, my best video card on a Windows machine is only an 8600GT, but it is among the devices supported by this app.  I set the settings close to the MPEG Streamclip settings and let it get underway.  The same file was encoded in Badaboom at approximately 43 FPS, about a 45% improvement.

While it’s not the 20X faster claimed by their website (perhaps possible with a high-end video card, and/or lower quality settings), a 45% increase in speed is significant, especially since it puts such a light load on the processor.  Since they have a free trial, it’s definately worth trying out.


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