Untangle vs. AppleTV

August 22, 2008 at 11:40 am Leave a comment

Since I installed Untangle almost a week ago, I’ve been pretty pleased with things.  Everything on my network seemed to continue to work normally.  Until yesterday.

My son asked to watch something from AppleTV, so I brought up the list of shows.  For quite a while I had thought about buying a few old Scooby Doo shows for him to watch.  So, I brought up the listing, selected a show, and hit “Preview”.  After several seconds, AppleTV gave an error message indicating that it couldn’t play the file, that the file format was unrecognized.

Since we are having tropical storm Fay visiting, and have had intermittent Internet access, I thought that it might be a fluke, so I checked a few other shows, which all also failed.

Today, our Internet connection seems solid, so I thought I would try to troubleshoot this a bit.  First, I went into Untangle to get the IP Address of my AppleTV.  Next, I set that IP Address in the passlist for the Web Filter.  I didn’t alter the Spyware settings, etc.  I did look through the Virus, Spyware, and Web Filter event logs just to see if it was showing up that anything was being blocked.  The only thing in the list was a hit against “Omniture” in the spyware list.  Several other machines on my network were also trying to hit that, so I looked it up.  It’s a web analytics company.  Figuring that AppleTV wouldn’t block viewing a preview just because it couldn’t hit the analytics site, I left it alone. (I may be wrong here, though)

Anyhow, I tried again, only to find the same error.

I still had my pfSense box up and running, so I moved the cables back to it, and then immediately tried to play another Scooby preview.  Viola!

So, I’m guessing that there is something about the way AppleTV communicates to the content servers that doesn’t care for a transparent proxy in the middle.  Or perhaps it is blocked because it can’t talk to Omniture.

I feel certain there should be a way to stop this from breaking…  Time to hit the Untangle forums, I think.

UPDATE: Yep – A forum user told me exactly where the Bypass could be set.  AppleTV is once again happy with Untangle.


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