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Updated: 08/08/08 – See the bottom of the article for a fairly negative update.

I’ve been on the lookout for a case for my new iPhone even before my iPhone was purchased.  I had been waiting for iSkin to come out with something new, though I wasn’t excited by the look of their “Revo” case series for the original iPhone.

What was I looking for, then?  Well, I wasn’t really sure.  I like the idea of a “jelly” style case, since it would give me more grip (the iPhone seems a bit slippery to me), but I really didn’t like the thought of pulling something the size of an iPhone out of my pocket if it were covered in silicone.

Last week, I saw a new product announcement on macnn.com from a company called SwitchEasy.  I looked at the images on http://switcheasy.com/ and thought it looked perfect.  It has a rubberized case, with a polycarb shell that covers parts of the back and sides.  The portions covered with the hard shell are sort of carved out of the rubberized material.  The end result is a hard shell covering the entire top, several areas along both sides, and the bottom corners, with a tough yet grippy material covering the rest.

It arrived today!  I tore open the bag and looked over the contents of the package.  It looks a bit nicer in the photos on the website than it does in person, and it seems to make the iPhone a bit thicker than I expected (again, from looking at the photos), but it does look like it will do a pretty good job at protecting it.  I do like the fact that it seems to be less slippery than the iPhone without the case, yet I don’t have trouble getting it in and out of my pocket.

It comes with some other accessories too.

First, the one that I’m most disappointed in: The screen protectors.  It includes two.  Now, this was my first attempt to add a screen protector to an iPhone, but I failed horribly with these.  I cleaned the screen very well, but after removing the sheet of plastic that covered the adhesive side, I ended up with some dust between the screen and the protector.  I tried to get it off, but failed.  Since I couldn’t quite get the first one on perfectly, I tried the second one and had the same problem.  Perhaps it is my lack of skill at applying these, or perhaps I expect too much in the way of perfection, but these screen protectors both ended up in the trash.  I think some brands of screen protectors stay attached via static cling, but since these use a very light adhesive, there’s nothing you can do if you get them dirty.

Next accessory:  A cleaning cloth.  About 1/2 the size of the one that comes with the iPhone.

Next: A stand.  Yes, it includes a stand so that you can prop your iPhone up on the side.  It seems to actually work quite well..

Next: A dock insert so that you can dock your iPhone while in the case.  Nice touch (too bad I don’t have a univeral dock).

Overall, I think this was a pretty good purchase.  I just wish I could have done a better job installing the screen protectors.

UPDATE: Since I’ve now used this case for almost two weeks, I have one additional comment about it.  The hard plastic material that fits into the grooves scratches easily.  Very easily.  Mine is extremely scratched (as in literally hundreds of tiny scratches) in less than two weeks, which seems very odd to me because it only gets slipped into my pocket, almost exclusively there by itself.  (I can think of one time I had a small piece of paper in there as well.  It wasn’t sandpaper, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at my case now!)  Other than that, I occasionally lay it on the back (screen facing up).


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