iPhone 3G verdict: Worth every penny!

July 27, 2008 at 8:35 pm Leave a comment

After having my new iPhone 3G for a little over a week now, I can state that it is by far the best phone that I’ve ever owned.  Surfing the web on my old phone (a Motorola L2) was such a joke that I almost never used it.  I had previously tested the original iPhone and loved the way it surfed the web, but just couldn’t get past the up-front cost.

The sound quality on voice calls is great. The fact that while on a call, I can hit the home button and browse the Internet, or check e-mail is pretty awesome too.

iPod functionality is extremely intuitive.  In fact, I have only owned one iPod before (an iPod nano, bought just about a year ago).  Whenever syncing, I almost always ended up with iTunes telling me that the iPod was corrupt, and had to restore it multiple times before it would actually work again.  I’m now convinced that my nano is defective, because I attach my iPhone up at least once a day and I’ve never had trouble syncing at all.

Building on the iPod functionality, I’ve found that shows recorded in SageTV then converted (by SageTV) to the iPhone format play back smooth as silk (though the screen width does seem to be slightly scrunched when watching converted SageTV shows – Haven’t tried it with BeyondTV yet).

The camera.  This has me a bit puzzled.  Just about every phone has a camera built-in now, and they almost universally suck.  I’ve read many, many complaints about the camera in the original iPhone and even more groaning when people heard that the iPhone 3G uses the same camera.  But honestly, the camera built into my 3G is fine.  It takes the best pictures of any phone camera I’ve ever used.  It’s not as nice as our dedicated kodak digital cameras (no zoom or flash), but it takes acceptable pictures when I’ve forgotten our kodak.

Maps is pretty nice as it is.  The ability to quickly and easily get a map to find a business is really nice.  I’ve been a little concerned since I’ve read that Apple won’t let any 3rd parties do turn-by-turn on the iPhone, but I recently read that they were adding new features to the API to let GPS also give heading information and speed.  Could it be that Apple doesn’t want anyone else writing this sort of software because they are working on it themselves?

Anyhow, most of the other features either are nice-to-haves (the stopwatch and timer built into the clock app, the calculator, notes, stocks, and weather all come to mind), and others could be a bit better (like email), but all-in-all, it’s the best phone I’ve ever used.


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