Send in the Mac clones?

April 15, 2008 at 8:22 pm Leave a comment

If you are even somewhat following things in the Mac world, you’ve probably already heard of the small south Florida company that has announced their “OpenMac” computers.. Oh! Wait! They’ve changed the name now to “Open Computers”, perhaps realizing that the name “Mac” is too close to the hearts of the Apple legal team. Today, I see that they have a second, more powerful machine available, called the “OpenPro”. I don’t think Apple can trademark “Pro”, so this may be a safe name for their product. At least with this one, they are offering Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP, Vista, as well as Leopard as possible pre-installed operating systems.

The company behind this marketing blitz (that may soon explode on them) is Psystar. Personally, I think this is a real ballsy move by them. Perhaps TOO ballsy. They claim that they are going to legally challenge Apple’s EULA, which states that you can only install Mac OS X onto “Apple labeled” computers. Their argument is who is Microsoft to say on which type of hardware you can run Windows, so why should Apple be able to?

On one hand, I’m with Apple because they, after all, are the originators of the product. On the other hand, why won’t Apple give us a headless Mac that has some decent power at a decent price? Yea – This “other” hand doesn’t have anything legal on its side… Sorry Psystar, but hopes for a sub-$1250 desktop Mac with some decent horsepower and expandability are all I can offer you.

At any rate, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Personally, I’m thinking that if anyone wants to buy one of these “clones”, you’d better get your order in fast. And, if you plan on running Leopard on them, you had better be happy with 10.5.2, as updates to newer releases will probably be few and far between.


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