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Speed Download 5 MacHeist update!

I don’t know if the people from Yazsoft have been reading my blog, but they just took some action that I’m very happy to report.  As a shareware developer myself (from a few years back), I have some pretty strong opinions on this subject.
Previously, I lambasted Yazsoft for offering licenses of Speed Download 4 as part of the MacHeist bundle, then balking on giving free upgrades to SD5 about two weeks after the bundle sale ended.  Users who bought SD4 directly from Yazsoft during January got the SD5 upgrade for free, but bundle buyers were left out in the cold.  It is important to note that the MacHeist II bundle was sold during January, but MHII licenses were being treated as second class by Yazsoft.  The whole thing seemed to be a marketing ploy to get a huge new installed base right before releasing a paid update.  That may have sounded good to the marketing gurus at Yazsoft, but it smelled really bad to anyone who bought the MHII bundle, since MacHeist promoted the licenses sold during MHII as “normal” licenses.

I must now congratulate them on coming around to releasing this free upgrade for MHII buyers.  It took them quite a while, though.  Perhaps they realized the major amount of bad karmic vibes this sent out to the Mac community.  Maybe they thought they had come up with a RDF generator of their own.  Seriously, though, I suspect the real reason behind this sudden change of heart may be that they realized the number of MHII upgrades was significantly less than they had expected, so perhaps they did this hoping that MHII customers would pay for upgrades to SD6 when it comes out.  That sounds like a good theory, anyhow.  Who really knows?

I, for one, can say that I’m much more likely to consider a Yazsoft product in the future than I was yesterday.  This has at least partially redeemed them in my eyes.  I must say, though, that they would have been fully redeemed had this decision been made within a few days of the SD5 release.

As for a review, I haven’t had enough time using it yet to say much.   I do like the snazzy new minimalistic view, though.

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