SpeedDownload 4 Mini Review

February 20, 2008 at 11:57 pm Leave a comment

Way back in January, I purchased the MacHeist II bundle, which included SpeedDownload 4, an app from Yazsoft.

SD4 appears to be a decent application.  I’ve actually used it now for about a month and it is nice.  I can’t say for sure that it has actually increased the speed of my downloads, but I do really like the organizational features whereby it will place apps in an “Applications” folder, likewise with Documents, Images, Music, and Video (all beneath your Download folder, by default).  You can even add your own rules to place other file types together based on file extension.  I also like the fact that it shows on the dock icon when you have downloads or uploads in progress.  I don’t particularly like it taking up space in the Dock, though.  If it ran on the menu bar near Spotlight’s icon, that would be preferable.

It does enable you to download from multiple servers at the same time (if you download from FTP servers, for example), which would likely increase the speed significantly.  You can also throttle your downloads, so that your downloads won’t take up your entire pipe.  This is useful if you are using VoIP, or just don’t want downloading to take up a majority of your bandwidth so your surfing won’t be slowed down.

If you download lots of music, Speed Download has iTunes integration, so your newly downloaded tunes are automatically added and ready to go.  Music isn’t really my cup of tea, though, so I didn’t get any use out of this feature.

As odd as it sounds for an application called “SpeedDownload”, it even lets you upload, so one could theoretically use it as an FTP client (though I’ve not tried using it in this capacity).

It has a ton of other options, letting you customize things way beyond things the typical user probably has a need for.  If you are a real power user, you will probably enjoy the flexibility it allows.

On the down side, I consider Speed Download to be more of a “luxury” application and not an something that the vast majority of users genuinely need.  (Unless you are on dial-up.  In that case, a download manager of some kind is practically a MUST.  Ever tried doing a software update of Mac OS X on a flaky dial-up line without one????  Talk about frustration!)

Having said a lot of positive things about the application itself, I would personally suggest that anyone looking for a download manager keep looking.  This software product is put out by Yazsoft, a company that seems to be all about the dollar and not about building and keeping customer satisfaction.  See my previous entry if you are interested in why I have this opinion.

If that doesn’t scare you away, though, and you are in need of a decent download manager, SpeedDownload may just be for you.


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