Torrents for content delivery over MPLS?

January 19, 2008 at 12:23 pm Leave a comment

At my place of work, we have an MPLS network to connect our Headquarters site to our retail locations.  Each location is in the process of getting attached to this new network.  One of the problems with having hundreds of remote sites with fairly large pipes (fractional T1 in our case) is that you need absolutely enormous pipes at the central location.

A thought occurred to me today, though, that might make those requirements smaller for “broadcast” files….  You know, files that need to be the same everywhere, such as service packs, videos, music, etc.  What if instead of delivering these large files down to the locations directly from the central office, we could deliver a small torrent file?  That torrent file could direct the remote devices to connect to a tracker at the central site where the file is waiting.  As more clients got the torrent file, they would see each other as places that were available to download portions of the file.  They could connect to each other through the MPLS cloud (without going through the central site) to download portions of the file.  Eventually, the file would be delivered to all of the remotes while the central site would have needed only a fraction of the capacity it would have needed to deliver the large file to each of the sites individually.

With the rise of MPLS, it might be time for the business world to start delivering content this way.  It would save thousands of dollars per month in bandwidth costs at the central site.


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