ReadyNAS NV+ Expansion

December 20, 2007 at 11:58 pm Leave a comment

Within the last week or so, I’ve gone back through my kids DVD collection and ripped a good number of videos for them. Since they are on young side, I find the DVDs will last longer if the kids don’t touch them. This added many Gigabytes of data to my NAS, though. Initially, I bought two 500 GB Seagate ES series drives. This gave me somewhere north of 450 GB of capacity, but after this recent ripping fest, I was down to around 60 GB free. had the same model of Seagate ES drive that I had originally bought for $149.99, and while I know I could have gotten away with a lower end drive and saved about $25 or so, I stuck with the ES. The ES drives have a very good warranty also, so that’s a plus.

Anyhow, the drive arrived today. Around 4PM, I inserted it into the NV+ and within a minute or so, it had started the “Initialization” process. It was kind enough to warn me that this would take several hours. During the initialization process, the NV+ was still actively handling requests, but the next step required it to be off-line. Around 8PM, I see that it had completed that part of the process and was waiting for me to reboot the NV+ to perform the expansion. After the reboot, it checked the disk, which took a bit, then the status screen changed to “Expanding… Expansion: 0.0%”. After probably 30 minutes of it sitting on this status, I started to panic! I went to the Infrant website and started looking around. Now, weeks ago, I had installed the latest 4.00 release software. Low and behold, I see that they have released another new version. In the release notes for this new version, I saw this gem:

Fixed X-RAID volume expansion failing when there are more than a million files in the volume. This problem affected volume check as well.

Finding this didn’t help the panic mode I had entered, as I was performing this very operation. I did some more searching around the forums and couldn’t find anyone complaining of this exact issue.

About another 15 or 20 minutes passed and I noticed it started counting up, so I felt relieved. It’s up to 96.0% complete now, so chances are it will be done in the next half hour. In retrospect, the release notes said that this problem affected the volume check as well, so I should have realized that I had already passed that part of the expansion process.

In my case, I was expanding a two drive system consisting of 500 GB drives to a three drive system and it looks like the entire process (including initialization)  took about 8 hours. I imagine that if you are dealing with TB drives it would probably take twice as long for the expansion portion.

So, if you plan to expand your drive, be aware that it will be off-line for several hours, but in the end you should have more storage with very little work, just a bit of tense waiting… 🙂

Update: My expansion completed a bit shy of the 8 hour mark. I now have 907 GB of redundant storage on my NV+.


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