Keyboard Cleaning 101

July 4, 2007 at 7:57 pm Leave a comment

I use a 20″ Intel iMac as my primary machine. When I originally got it, one of the things that I loved about it was the beautiful keyboard. Perhaps the minimalist in me was coming out. The keys are tightly clustered together with very little empty space between them or even around them. The edge of the keyboard is wrapped in clear plastic, making it look almost as if the keys are floating. Since the iMac itself is white, it isn’t surprising that the keys of the keyboard are the same bright white. Overall, it’s a very nice looking keyboard.

After a year of use, though, I’m not sure I like it quite as much. The dirt build-up is very evident with the white key color. The clear plastic edge that I initially liked so much? It now provides a nice view at a years worth of dust and other miscellaneous unidentifiable particles.

Recently, I read an article about putting your keyboard in your dishwasher to clean it. If this were a $9 CompUSA special, I might have tried that, but since a Mac keyboard has Mac-specific keys, it would cost me $29 to get a new one if this experiment resulted in a dead keyboard. That, and they recommended letting your keyboard dry for a couple days before using it again. That’s just not going to happen.

I remembered coming across a guide on specifically how to go about cleaning a Mac keyboard. Today, I googled a bit and found this link:
HOW-TO: Cleaning the Apple Keyboard

Removing the keys was a piece of cake.  I popped mine into a gallon sized ziplock bag with a couple squirts of dishwashing detergent and shook the bag for a while, then dumped the bag into a colander and rinsed it thoroughly at the sink.

Take them seriously on their suggestion to snap a few digital pics of your keyboard before you start.  It really comes in handy when you put the keys back.  I find it very odd that I’ve been typing proficiently for about 20 years, and yet when faced with a keyboard that has had all the keys removed, I can’t remember but about 1/2 of their positions.  If you want to challenge yourself, don’t take pictures, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Anyhow, I now have a keyboard that looks practically as good as when I unpacked it.  It took me about an hour to do the whole thing.


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