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We’ve probably all seen the various demo videos of the iPhone around the Internet.  Some people are saying some very negative things about it, from trouble typing, to sound quality issues with the phone, and with people asking what the fuss is all about.  (Their point is that Smart phones have been able to surf the web, play music, do email, etc. for a long time.)

I dropped by our local Apple store today to take a good look at the iPhone, even though I have no intention of buying one yet.

Typing on an iPhone isn’t bad.  When trying to use both thumbs, I ran into some trouble with my left thumb inadvertently hitting the wrong keys occasionally, but when using a single finger I had significantly fewer issues.   I’ve never used a Blackberry or any other device with a tiny physical keyboard, so I can’t really compare the two.  So, while it wasn’t instantly intuitive, I do think that I could get used to it, and probably get my error rate down with some practice.

Web browsing on it was very good once I got used to it.  You have to have very careful placement of your finger on the screen to get specific links, or you need to zoom in.  I would say that this is the best surfing I have seen on a phone by far.  My Motorola L2 phone stinks, by comparison.

I made a quick phone call on it and the sound quality was at least as good as my L2.

All in all, I played around with the iPhone for probably 20 minutes or more, moving through the various applications.  I actually don’t know how much time I spent there, but it was enough that when we told our three year old it was time to go, he got up from the iMac he was playing on and happily left with us.  That was a first!

Even if you aren’t in the market for an iPhone, I highly suggest going to your local Apple store and trying a demo unit out for a few minutes.  Heck, if I was an executive for Nokia or Motorola, I’d buy up some units so my designers could see an example of the RIGHT way to design a smartphone!

If the iPhone were $249, I would be seriously contemplating grabbing one up.  I’m already an AT&T customer, so I don’t have any issues there.  But, I can’t see the iPhone being useful enough on a day-to-day basis to spend $499 on one.

Oh – One thing I haven’t seen mentioned in any other review of the iPhone.  For the built-in wireless, it currently only seems to support WEP, WPA, and WPA2 – the pre-shared key varieties.  Me?  I’m a WPA Enterprise man myself, so it wouldn’t work on my network.  (But, I am a freak in regards to wireless security.)  I do imagine that having 802.1X capabilities would help in getting a higher adoption rate among business.  If you’re reading this Apple, please add this feature!


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