ReadyNAS Heat issues

May 29, 2007 at 8:57 pm Leave a comment

After reading some more on the Infrant forum about the heat issue with the power supplies on NV+ units, I’ve reversed my previous fan-reversal procedure. Confused yet?

Out of the box, the NV+ pulls air through the unit, blowing it out the back. The minimum speed of the fan in the unit is 1600 RPM. Infrant reports that a small percentage of their customers are having power supply failures. Apparently, they did some testing and found that the power supplies were failing due to heat issues. To help ensure their customers don’t have premature failures of ReadyNAS units, they released two potential fixes. The first option is to apply a firmware update to set the minimum speed to 2100 RPM. This should keep the power supply cool enough to prevent these failures. The bad thing here is that it would be a bit louder. The second option would be to reverse the fan in the unit so that it draws air into the unit from the back. This air would be much cooler than the air it gets from the front of the unit since it hasn’t been pulled past hot hard drives.

They initially suggested that the fan reversal would be the preferred solution, so that’s what I did.

What made me flip-flop? According to a more recent post on their site from an Infrant employee, they are shipping new units with no physical difference, just using the updated firmware to set the minimum fan speed to 2100 RPM. I figure that a future firmware update would most likely still have this setting, so if there is any appreciable noise difference, I might as well get used to it now, as I would be probably stuck with it eventually anyhow.

After updating the firmware and going through the two reboots, I really don’t hear much difference in terms of sound. Of course, I already have two machines in this room that make a decent amount of noise, so it may just mean that I can’t hear it over them.


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