ReadyNAS Scheduled Backups

May 28, 2007 at 10:10 am Leave a comment

As I looked through the web interface for the first time, I ran across a feature that looked very interesting, but I didn’t examine it too thoroughly at the time. I’ve now taken the time to explore this feature to add an extra layer of protection in my backup regiment. The feature I’m talking about is the mechanism built right into the web interface of ReadyNAS to perform scheduled backups.

With it, you can schedule backups of data on the ReadyNAS from one share to another, from the ReadyNAS to a remote host, or even have the ReadyNAS pull back data by connecting to a remote network share.

I’m using this for a local backup. I have Acronis True Image making full backups of four Windows machines once a week. These backups are going to private shares of four different users. The day before this scheduled backup occurs, I’ve scheduled a copy of the last Acronis backup on each private share to an archive share.

In a nutshell, Acronis gives me a full backup each weekend of each Windows workstation and the scheduled backup copies the previous weekends copy to another location. I end up with two full backups, which may be useful if a problem happens late in the week and I don’t hear about it until Monday. If this could be performed with via a move (instead of a copy), that would be great for my situation, but that’s not an opion. Technically, this could be chained to several shares, so I could have a month’s worth of backups or more. The interface also allows you to perform backups every few hours during the day, which could be very useful if you are working in an environment where files change throughout the day.

The scheduling isn’t as good as it could be, though. The current software only allows you to select which day of the week you want this to occur. You can select more than one, or even every day, but you can not select a backup to occur on the first of the month, or quarterly, etc. This is something I think could be easily corrected by Infrant in a software update, though the functionality they provide is more than enough for the majority of buyers (including me).


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