ReadyNAS Read Performance

May 26, 2007 at 2:04 pm Leave a comment

Due to limited funds in the network infrastructure budget this fiscal year, I do not have a full Gigabit connectivity to all network jacks in this facility. In order to perform the Gigabit copies that I have previously mentioned, the network topology had to be changed. This allowed a cable previously used as an uplink to a 100 Megabit switch to run at Gigabit speed to one workstation in that area. Unfortunately, a certain high ranking person in my organization needed to access the network, so my remote test machine is back to 100 Meg.

This has actually led to some interesting test results, though. Copying data back from the ReadyNAS NV+ to this Windows client (using the standard Windows drag ‘n drop method) is being tested now. With a single stream, the copy hovers at about 76-77% network utilization. However, when a second stream is added, the network utilization goes up to about 95%. It’s likely that I’m running into the limit on a 100 Meg Full Duplex link. I’d definitely be interested in what sort of read speed this ReadyNAS is capable of on Gigabit.

Perhaps I’ll be able to get my wife the high ranking person in my organization to get off the network so I can try it…


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