ReadyNAS performance using SMB at Gigabit Speeds

May 26, 2007 at 8:18 am Leave a comment

More unscientific testing, but with the ReadyNAS and a Windows machine attached to my Gigabit switch, I copied 122 GB. I didn’t actually stay up to see how long it took, but the Windows estimated time seemed to consistently stay around 180 minutes just after the start of the copy. Now, these are mostly very large video files (1+ GB each, some as large as 7 GB), so I’m sure this won’t hold true for your multi-gigabyte midi file collection, but that seems to indicate a top speed of roughly 40 GB per hour, writing, assuming Windows was giving a half decent estimate.

A second copy of about 80 GB (again, writing) seems to be showing about 37.5 GB per hour.

Watching the (probably inaccurate) network graph in Task Manager shows me that it mostly fluctuates between about 7% and 10% utilization during a copy on this Gigabit link. 7% would be about 70 Mbps, which calculates out to about 31.5 Gigabytes per hour. 10% would (of course) be about 100 Mbps, which would work out to 45 Gigabytes per hour, so the 37.5 – 40 GB per hour estimate sounds feasible.

On another note, I have seen that copy speed can diminish greatly if you have more than one copy stream going. Like, if you want to copy files to the NAS from two different machines at the same time.

Again, all unscientific… I do want to try some actual tests here later.


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