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August 11, 2004 at 3:55 pm Leave a comment

I’ve taken a bit of time off of programming to learn CSS. The site that I’m writing the FAQ manager for wasn’t written with CSS in mind, so I gave it an overhaul and learned a lot at the same time.

I completed the basic template with CSS (using only one table), so I’m now ready to continue working on the FAQ Manager. As a side note, CSS is really cool, but learning it can be VERY frustrating!

Enough work has been done on the back-end of my FAQ application for now… Basic functionality is complete, in that you can Add, Edit, Remove, and Sort Categories and Add, Edit, and Remove Questions. A Settings screen is also in place, which allows updating of the header and footer code (yes, I’m allowing the use of PHP in the header/footer), update the Page Title, etc. More work needs to be done on this screen, but exactly what that work is hasn’t been set in stone yet…

Which brings me to the lesson of the day…

The direction of any project can change mid-stream. Requirements documentation you wrote up will almost always go through some changes here and there. In my case, I want to modify the User Interface design of this application, but exactly what new variables (for the Settings screen) will be required isn’t known yet…

Sometimes, to firm up your requirements, you need to do a bit of coding on other parts of your application. In this case, I think that if I get started on the user interface it will tell me exactly what additional settings should be on the Settings screen.

So, it’s off to work on the User Interface… Wish me luck!


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