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July 23, 2004 at 3:11 pm Leave a comment

I recently realized that I hadn’t adequately explained what my programming, PHP, or web development experience level is.

I’ve been programming in various languages on multiple platforms now for about 20 years. Languages that I’ve worked with extensively (and roughly in order) include: Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Rexx, C#, and now PHP. I’ve written applications in these languages on platforms ranging from DOS, OS2, Palm OS, Solaris, and Windows.

Applications that I’ve written include a BBS Door game, a Palm Address book, an SNMP Trap-mapper, numerous Rexx utility programs, various Windows command line applications, a Windows GUI application to certify Frame Relay circuits, and (within the last 6 months) numerous small command-line PHP utilities for Solaris.

The vast majority of my PHP experience (at this point, at least) is with a Solaris system, with command-line PHP apps… Early this year I realized the power that PHP had in the form of the many extensions that are easily enabled. After explaining the advantages, my managers allowed for a trial run of PHP to see how well it worked in our environment. The ability to read and update a MS-SQL database from Solaris has proven to be a huge time-saver, not to mention the ability to easily script telnet sessions, and even perform SNMP queries directly from PHP. We have been slowly converting from Rexx to PHP for quite a few functions.

Sounds fairly impressive, right?

Now, I have very little web development experience…

1. My first web application was written in C# and it simply accepted input from a Solaris application via HTTP POSTs, populated a MS-SQL database, and displayed filtered and sortable results sets on various web pages. It has been in use for about 2 years now, so it must not be that terrible.

2. More recently I’ve written a C# app to manage an APC remote reboot switch which only has a single user.. My C# application takes a username and password from the user, determines which ports they can manage, shows the status, and lets them reboot the device(s).

3. My most recent web development project was related to MRTG. It was written in PHP and essentially restricts a customer’s view of MRTG to only the ports they are utilizing.

So, my main PHP experience thus far is writing database related command-line utility applications for Solaris. Oh, and by the way, my PHP web experience is with IIS under Windows, which throws another monkey wrench into things.

There you have it. I am by no means an expert on PHP for the web, but do have a good bit of PHP experience with unusual uses of PHP, and I hope to be able to share some of those experiences with you here, as well as share in the building-up of my web-related skills.


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