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July 19, 2004 at 3:00 pm Leave a comment

Here’s a rough draft of a the first spec sheet I wrote up for an CMS long ago:

1. Security
a. Must have a secure authentication method for authors/admins
(Would have not mentioned this on the Spec sheet, but I've never done it before)
b. Need to have author/admin access levels
c. Possibly be able to limit authors to writing in certain categories
2. Category Support
a. at least 3 levels deep (sub-categories)
b. A method to allow one article to fit into multiple categories
c. Online category management by admin (not just via direct DB manipulation)
3. Article Management
a. Article List page should have options to
i. List all articles
ii. Search text of articles for keywords, Category, or Status
iii. Edit/Delete article
b. Articles should have these DB fields:
i. ID, Status (visible, hidden), AuthorID, Date, Title, Summary, Content, Deleted, AllowComments, and Featured fields.
c. Should use an embedded WYSIWIG editor
d. Should allow uploading of images
e. Should parse text of article for information pertaining to the placement of uploaded images
f. Should allow for multi-page articles via embedded page breaks
4. Template system
a. Should be CSS based (another thing I need to learn better!)
b. Need to do more research on templating methods....
5. Semi-Static HTML pages
a. Since the content of the site will only be updated when new articles and news are added, the site should be pure HTML for presentation to the user, at least in the article pages. This allows for much higher volumes of traffic to the site with minimal server load.


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