HTML for the World Wide Web, 5th Edition

July 16, 2004 at 6:23 pm Leave a comment

Elizabeth Castro’s “HTML for the World Wide Web” is a book that needs to be on the bookshelf of anyone wishing to become a web developer. In fact, if you already know HTML fairly well, this book will do a good job serving you as a reference. It’s 480 pages packed with easy to understand language, example HTML code, and screenshots.

Aside from the complexities of HTML, the 5th edition also deals with XHTML and CSS, but you are not likely to become an expert on CSS from the content of this book. This book really shines in the way it teaches you how to use HTML. If you want to learn CSS, get a book dedicated to it, as much more could be written on it than is in this text.

Personally, I mostly use this book as a reference. Whenever I need to figure out how to do something that I’m unsure of in HTML (or when something isn’t working the way I would expect), I simply look it up in the index and get to work. The author uses clear, consise, and fairly short explanations on how to get the job done. You definately won’t get bored with any theory… Every page is in two column format. The outermost column is explanation text, while the innermost column contains segments of HTML demonstrating the current topic, and a screenshot showing the results of the HTML. Many pages also contain Tips, sometimes mentioning browser incompatibilities, or related topics with references to other pages in the book.

I’ve been using various editions of this book for the last few years and it hasn’t disappointed me when I’ve had questions about any HTML issues. Get it… You’ll be glad you did.


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